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Microsoft Resource Kits - Windows 2003 Resource Kit

Csccmd.exe  (Windows 2003 Resource Kit)

The Window Server 2003 Resource Kit is a set of tools that system administrators and engineers use to manage or support a Windows Server 2003 system. Use it to streamline management tasks such as troubleshooting operating system issues, managing Active Directory, configuring networking and security features, and automating application deployment.
Csccmd.exe - Client-Side Caching Command-Line Options
Used to enable and disable offline files, move files within the CSC database from one server to another, or re-stamp the SID on offline files. Works in Windows XP/2000/2003.
/enable - Enables offline files. You must be logged in as administrator on the local computer.
/disable - Disables offline files. You must be logged in as administrator on the local computer and close all files in the cache for this to work.
/resid - Re-stamps all the entries in the Client Side Caching (CSC) database with a new user Security Identifier (SID). Use this parameter after your user account is migrated from one type of domain, such as Windows NT 4.0, to another domain, such as Windows 2000.
/disconnect:\\server\share - Disconnects the client from the server when network connectivity has been degraded. Windows 2000 clients must be running SP3 or have installed QFE Q293426.
/moveshare: \\server\share1 \\server\share2 - Remaps the files in the CSC cache for the purpose of migrating to a new namespace.