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Microsoft Resource Kits - Windows 2000 Resource Kit

Clearmem.exe  (Windows 2000 Resource Kit)

The Windows 2000 Resource Kits help IT professionals deploy, manage, and support Windows 2000 operating systems.
There are a number of Windows 2000 Resource Kit software tools available for free download from Microsoft. These tools are listed below, and can help you streamline administrative tasks such as managing Active Directory™, administering security features, working with Group Policy and Terminal Services, automating application deployment, and other important jobs.

Clearmem.exe - Clear Memory
ClearMem is a command-line tool that forces pages out of RAM. ClearMem attempts to allocate and commit more memory then is physically available, as well as flushing the file cache. In Windows, working sets are allowed to grow until memory pressure forces them to decline. Flushing the file cache is important because some pages in the process working set are part of the file cache (for example, code loaded from a file).